Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Global Climate Change: WWF Environmental Campaign

Climate change is a problem that is affecting people and the environment. Greater energy efficiency and new technologies hold promise for reducing greenhouse gases and solving this global challenge.

Similar to the ‘stop deforestation’ campaign, the ‘stop global warming’ campaign also focuses on habitat loss but this time due to man-made global warming. The campaign, which reads ‘you can help, stop global warming’, urges people to prevent ecological imbalances by curbing irresponsible behavior such as keeping electronics like televisions, stereos, and computers running even when you’re not using them. The imagery used draws parallels between animals losing their homes (penguins, polar bears, and seals are the most at-risk) and human beings who lose their homes due to natural disasters, etc., and are forced to live on urban streets as homeless individuals.

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  1. i'm Frenh and my english teacher made us etudiate this poster to take care about our earth, because of she, now we're all aware about consequences of what we do .. And now we be carefull ;)
    so thanks to my English teacher...